Global Mobility Service

Over the years, Jakrelo has learned the importance of providing services that go above and beyond packing and moving of personal effects. Today, those who relocate and those who are managing relocations programs need industry experts who understand the nuances of international relocations. Jakrelo’s team of professionals can provide useful information about worldwide locations and they have the unique experience required to provide high quality international mobility service.

Jakrelo provides services in domestic and international moving for residences and offices, including pre-move consultation, packing shipping, online tracking customs clearance, storage and delivery of goods.
Our relocation specialists offer a range of pre-departure and destination services. They orient transferees by sharing knowledge of their new city and helping them build local living skills.
From program administration to financial services, Jakrelo’s mobility management teams serve corporate professionals and help companies streamline their processes.


While professional management of tailored relocation services is a critical element of a successful relocation program, corporate clients also need access to information, benchmarking expertise, assistance with refining their relocation policies and overall program management. Jakrelo is the only truly global provider of mobility management services.

Transportation of household goods
Departure and destination
Learning and development
Program management
Accounting and financial

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Jakrelo's team of professionals have the expertise required to help transferees prepare for their relocations, and to assist the employer to formulate the best combination of cost-effective services and support. Prior to the relocation, We will conduct a full needs assessment with each family to determine their requirement and ensure that proper planning is undertaken.

Home Sale Services
Buyer Value Option
Guaranteed/Amended Value
Marketing Assistance
Property Management
Generator set Installing

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Preview trips are important aspect of the preparation phase. Customized programs inform employees and their families about local housing and schooling options. Key amenities, medical and banking facilities, transportation systems, typical living conditions and any special security concerns.

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Customized intercultural services help employees and their families recognize local behaviors. Understand communication styles and learn vital adaptation skills. Training can be provided through any combination of classrooms, seminars, one on one sessions and online interactive courses.

Candidate Assessment
Global Passport
Language Training

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Whether the employee’s property will be rented or maintained during the assignment period, Jakrelo property management services offer complete security. Services include comprehensive tenant screening and ongoing maintenance.

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Coordinating the processing of visas, assisting what documentation for work and residence permits, and obtaining passports are complex task. Jakrelo professionals, experts n the local bureaucratic requirements, accelerate and simplify the process.

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Utilizing a network of language specialists, Jakrelo offers customized training for the entire family in both the departure and destination locations. Role playing and online interactive courses assures that the desired level of proficiency is achieved and that individual learning styles are accommodated.

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The ultimate goal for corporate clients is for their employees to remain focused on their work-related duties and to regain full productivity as quickly as possible. With the help of a Jakrelo professional, transferees and their families will immediately start to build local living and social skills, become settled in and gain confidence in their new environment.

Immigration Services
Preview Trip Services
Post-Arrival Orientations
Home Finding Assistance
School Search
Settling In Services
Tenant Representation
Partner Career Support: Global Career

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A more detailed tour than the preview trip, the post arrival orientation is a comprehensive overview with substantial question and answer consultations to help in navigating day to day living. Post arrival orientation help the employee to learn about commuting, medical and banking facilities and any special security concerns.

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Jakrelo will identify schooling requirements and explain related client policies concerning dependent tuition assistance, Jakrelo can also advise the employee and family during accompanied school tours. Assist with the application and explain the testing and interview requirements, enrollment and ongoing facilitation of school tuition payments.

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Jakrelo broad geographic reach and access to quality providers make certain that suitable housing options can be sourced within policy parameters and clients budgets. Services include accompanied home search, rental contract review, inspection coordination, lease negotiation assistance, utilities connection assistance, “move-day” supervision, as well as online area guides and referral information.

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Handyman and domestic help services help turn a house into a home. Assembling, arranging or cleaning assistance while small but important tasks, are comforting to a new arrival.

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Jakrelo professionals are always available as a local resource to provide support. In addition to an emergency hotline telephone number, support services range from providing referral information to arranging family networking and entertainment programs. Jakrelo professionals initiate contact with employees to help establish a successful assimilation.

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Once it is determined that an employee will be returning to his or her home country or relocating to a subsequent location, Jakrelo will notify the landlord of the lease termination date, assist with the shut down of utilities, arrange an inventory check out covering dilapidations and negotiate the return of the rental deposit

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