Professional House Office And Apartment Moving Services In Jakarta

12 October 2021

For those of you who are looking for house, office, or apartment moving services, please contact Jakrelo. Jakrelo is a professional mover service company in Indonesia that serves a variety of moving service activities. In addition to serving house moving services, Jakrelo also serves various relocation services such as office moving services, apartment moving services, self-service moving services, restaurant moving services, rented moving services, etc.

Jakrelo Services and Facilities Jakrelo's

Using services is the right choice for those of you who are moving or relocating. No need to bother anymore to pack, transport, and organize your goods and furniture because our team will do it for you. What are Jakrelo's services and facilities? Here are the details.

  • Packing

Materials We will provide packing materials to pack your goods. We will adjust the type of material used according to your needs and types of goods. The selection of the right packing material is very important to avoid the risk of damage to the goods during the moving process. Some examples of packing materials used are paperboard, plastic wrapping, and also bubble packs.

  • Packing Services

We will package your goods properly and correctly to ensure your goods are safe until they arrive at their destination. The Jakrelo team is experienced in this matter so that your goods are ensured to be handled properly by experts.

  • Transportation

No need to think about the freight transportation fleet, we will also provide it for you. We choose the type of transportation fleet that will be used according to the cubication of your moving goods. One of the functions of a moving survey is to determine the right type of truck fleet with a payload capacity that suits your moving goods.

  • Unloading Services

Team Jakrelo will also transport your goods. We will transport your goods very well and carefully. We understand and have experience in handling the moving process so we understand that each item has a different way and handling from one another.

  • Arrangement / Reposition

Arriving at the destination, we will unload your belongings and place them in their proper place. We will help arrange your furniture so that it is ready to use immediately after the moving process is complete. Inform us in detail about the description of the destination location whether it is a one-store building or a multi-store building. This is very important for our team to know so that we can maximize Jakrelo's services.

Flow and Stages of the Moving Process

What are the flow or stages of moving houses that use moving services? In the following, we will inform you of the easy flow scheme and stages of the process of moving a house, office, or apartment.

1. Contact Jakrelo

Please contact us via the office phone number or Hotline via Whatsapp according to the location where you live.

2. Moving Survey

Before the moving process, the initial stage is a survey. This survey is conducted to look at the geographical conditions of the house, office or apartment in order to consider the level of difficulty of the moving process. For example, moving in a multi-store building has more difficulty than a one-story house. In addition, a survey was conducted to calculate the cost of moving in accordance with the number of cubication calculations of moving goods.

3. Submitting a Price Offer

After listing the items to be moved, our team will calculate the cost budget according to the total cubication of goods. Next, we will inform you of the costs via an offer letter via email or telephone.

4. Dealing

After the quote letter is completed, we will immediately send it to you. Furthermore, we are waiting for your confirmation as approval. If you agree to the price quote we provide, it means that the transfer process can be carried out immediately.

5. Determination of Moving Time

Next is the stage of determining the time and date of moving. We will carry out the transfer process according to the time mutually agreed upon by you and Jakrelo.

For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

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