Moving Goods From Abroad to Indonesia

19 October 2021

Services for moving goods from abroad to Indonesia for moving houses, offices, apartments at the lowest rates. In addition, we also accept delivery of sample packages, crafts, spare parts, overseas moving services, etc. We provide parcel and cargo courier services to foreign countries.

International Shipping Destination Countries

For destination countries, we serve international shipping to almost all countries in the world. We also serve the delivery of goods to countries in Asia, Europe, and America.

Overseas Shipping Service

Regarding service, we provide a choice of overseas shipping services for customers. So, you can choose a service that suits your needs both for your time and budget. For more details, please check below:

  • Moving to your door or door to door
  • Moving to the address in the destination country or door to door
  • Cargo International (delivery only to airports in the country of destination or port to port)

Old Time Delivery Into Overseas

Regarding the delivery time abroad, the estimated time depends on the service you choose. As an illustration, the delivery time of the express service is faster than the service economy. As for International Cargo, the delivery time is based on the aircraft schedule and the airport of the destination country.

Cost of Shipping Goods Overseas

Many people think that sending packages abroad must be expensive. This may or may not be true, because the shipping costs offered by each expedition vary from one to another.

We provide special prices for you. We make sure the price we provide is the best price according to your needs and there are no other costs that appear behind. The entire price of our moving services is stated in the Work Order that has been agreed with you.

What do you get from our cheap house moving services?

You will get the following services:

  • Free survey fees (for Jakarta and surrounding areas)
  • Goods packing materials
  • Trained and experienced workers
  • All moving goods are neatly packaged using good materials
  • Road-worthy transportation / delivery fleet
  • All moving goods are neatly loaded and unloaded and be careful
  • Moving goods are neatly and cleanly arranged in a new place (according to the agreement)
  • All packing materials are cleaned
  • Guaranteed for damage and loss of goods

For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

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