Jakarta Office Transfer Services With Professional Services And Very Affordable Rates

21 September 2021

Jakrelo company relocation services provider and freight forwarder. Jakrelo started operating a serving moving and delivery services. We have done a lot of moving experiences, starting from moving houses, private offices, government offices, moving apartments, buildings and factories. We ourselves are headquartered in Jakarta, but the focus of our service area is all areas in Jabodetabek. With the aim of moving and shipping throughout Indonesia and abroad.

The status of Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. And as the largest metropolitan city in Indonesia and the center of the Indonesian economy and government. Making the city of Jakarta a city where many offices stand, ranging from private offices and government offices. This is what drives Jakarta office relocation services that are needed by business people and businesses in this region.

Jakrelo Service Options For Jakarta Office Moving Services

Jakrelo has a choice of services in every type of moving service that we serve. For the type of office moving service itself, Jakrelo has 3 services that you can use. Let's look at 3 choices of Jakrelo office moving services:

1. Full-Service Office Moving Services

This service is a premium service and the most suitable for you to use for services office moving. This type of service is a get-together, so for all the preparation and work processes, our team will work on it. Starting from the preparation of packing materials, the packing process, the process of loading goods, unloading goods, unpacking, and repositioning, all of our team will do the work.

2. Middle ServisService

This is a service where the packing material preparation process and the packing process are not carried out by our team. So what our team does for this type of service is only the process of loading goods, the process of unloading goods, and the process of unpacking or placing them in a new location. However, it is not a repositioning process, only the placing of goods.

3. Trucking Service

This service is a service low cost that is available in Jakrelo's service options. If you use this service, you will only get fleet service according to your needs. And also 1 driver and 1 helper who will help arrange goods during the process of loading goods into the truck. However, when you need additional helper staff, you can also order additional helper staff according to your needs. Of course, there will be additional costs for additional helper personnel.

Tips for Moving Office and House Moving

1. Packing Your Own Goods

In order for the process of moving house items to be faster and safer, you can start by packing your own personal items without the help of moving packing services using large boxes. Don't forget to coat the glassware with old paper or newspaper so it doesn't get scratched easily with other items. In addition to protecting against scratches, paper or newspaper will protect your item from shocks.

2. Ask for Help Loading Your Goods

Let someone else do the loading process for heavy items such as furniture, electronics, bedding, etc. Currently, Jakrelo provides loading and unloading assistance services from within the house or to the office into the fleet. Our drivers are ready to organize and arrange your belongings safely on board the fleet. Fragile items will be arranged carefully and ensure they will not be damaged when there is a shock in the shipping process.

3. Trust Delivery to Jakrelo

With the help of Jakrelo provider with moving service the best office score of 4.8, this year's transfer does not have to involve excessive sweat and tears. A complete selection of fleets for moving from Pickup, Small boxes can be the right choice. Jakrelo dares to guarantee that your moving process will be smooth and enjoyable.

Pricing for Jakrelo Moving Services

Determining the price calculation for Jakrelo moving services is not a calculation using a standard price system. This means that our moving services always prioritize the negotiation process in every price determination. And for reference, the calculation is based on the number of items, how many fleets you will need, and the distance from the origin to your destination location. In addition to the number of items, the distance to the destination, the number of helpers you will use will also be a factor in determining the price.

For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

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