• 14 September 2021

    Services International Moving

    Abroad can have its challenges, and that's why Jakrelo's moving specialists can help with everything from initial bidding and pre-move planning, to customs management and helping you choose a method of transportation to move your goods into your country. Jakrelo will create a customized international moving plan to suit your personal specifications.
    Jakrelo offers moving services to more than 150 countries worldwide. Our international moving team can provide you with a moving plan tailored to your personal specifications and budget. Here are the steps:

    Pre-Moving Consultation

    Review your moving details, information about the items you need us to move, and the services you need with one of our moving consultants. Our consultants will guide you through several options and quote a customized international moving price.

    Book Your Moving Service

    Once the moving offer is finalized, you will order your move and be assigned a moving manager who will remain your point of contact throughout the moving process.

    Official Customs Management

    Your moving consultant will guide you through the complex customs documentation process and help you identify prohibited items.

    Structured Moving Management

    Your moving manager will coordinate all of your moving logistics, including confirming the date of your move, helping you to prepare personal documents and documentation for customs, and arranging and tracking the transportation of your goods.

    High Standard Packing

    The moving crew will come to your home and pack and load your goods according to your moving house or company plans.

    Protection of All Types of Property

    With international movements, it's more important than ever to make sure you plan ahead if unexpected loss or damage occurs to your belongings.

    Many Options Available Transportation

    Your shipment will be transported by land, sea, or air-based on your specific moving needs.

    Process Ongoing Delivery

    Moving services send your goods quickly to destinations within the city and abroad and you only need to wait until all processes are complete.

    Why Choose Jakrelo Moving Services?

    As an official moving service company in the form of a PT, it was actually established to facilitate the process of moving people's houses. Especially in the midst of your busy life, let us do the work.

    This is what you get from moving company Jakrelo:

    • Fees are calculated transparently – there will be no backup fees
    • This company is officially in the form of PT
    • Guarantee of Goods Arriving at Destination
    • Damage / Loss Insurance (please make sure when our team surveys)
    • Has served hundreds of house relocations, in town, out of town, and even abroad
    • Maximum, clean, and timely service
    • Skilled and experienced

    Workforce Jakrelo Moving Services Company undertakes the entire process of moving your house from the beginning until everything is neatly arranged.

    Jakrelo has and will continue to serve house moving services in the city of Jakarta, outside the city, and abroad.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated : The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:


  • 18 June 2017

    Moving to Indonesia with The Best Relocation Service Company in Jakarta Indonesia, The Best of International Moving Company in Jakarta Indonesia

    We provide international moving services to both corporate and private customers with door-to-door basis throughout Indonesia and around the world. We also provide many other specialized transportation, logistics and warehousing in order to expand our international business.

    We specialize in the art of moving. Our focus is on the customers’ wants and needs and we are prepared to go greater to ensure that the highest quality services are provided at all times.

    Every relocation and moving process will be treated as a unique operation.

    We offer our customers the best in:

    · Pre-moving survey and consultation

    · Moving planning and scheduling

    · Professional packing at your residence and office

    · Special handling of pianos, motorcycles, cars, safes, etc.

    · Customized crafting of fragile items and antiques

    · Conventional and climate-controlled storage (with 24-hour security)

    · Professional fumigation (certified)

    · Special moisture control systems to minimize the risk of mold and mildew

    · Full replacement value insurance

    · Handyman services

    · Customs documentation

    · Storage at origin or at destination

    We offer international moving service to Indonesia at reasonable cost and we also provide relocation services to companies, organizations, families and individuals who are moving to Indonesia. Our professional moving staffs are the most experienced in the business and will assist with every aspect of your moving to Indonesia.

    Jakarta Relocation (Jakrelo) provides the most reliable and the reasonable international moving service to Indonesia with complete door-to-door moving service for moving all your household items to Indonesia.

    Global Mobility, Corporate Services & Intercultural Training
    We understand that corporate clients are continually enhancing their relocation policies, which means they need to stay informed about industry trends and need instant access to information. Jakrelo team can help. Being experts in global mobility, serving large and small clients, we understand all of these challenges and can share our expertise.

    International & Office & Industrial Moving, Storage & Relocation Services
    Jakrelo is proud to be a qualified professional moving company with a staff of expert packers and movers trained by experienced professionals. We storage facilities, provide competitive pricing with no hidden costs, and offer a wide range of transit protection options.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated : The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 7 September 2021

    For those of you who are looking for house, office or apartment moving services, please contact is a professional mover service company in Indonesia that serves a variety of moving service activities. In addition to serving house moving services, Jakrelo also serves various relocation services such as office moving services, apartment moving services, self-service moving services, restaurant moving services, rented moving services, etc. Services and Facilities

    Using is the right choice for those of you who are moving or relocating. No need to bother anymore to pack, transport and organize your goods and furniture because our team will do it for you. What are Jakrelo's services and facilities? Here are the details.

    • Packing

    Materials We will provide packing materials to pack your goods. We will adjust the type of material used according to your needs and types of goods. The selection of the right packing material is very important to avoid the risk of damage to the goods during the moving process. Some examples of packing materials used are paperboard, plastic wrapping and also bubble packs.

    Packing Services

    We will package your goods properly and correctly to ensure your goods are safe until they arrive at their destination. The Jakrelo team is experienced in this matter so that your goods are ensured to be handled properly by experts.


    No need to think about the freight transportation fleet, we will also provide it for you. We choose the type of transportation fleet that will be used according to the cubication of your moving goods. One of the functions of a moving survey is to determine the right type of truck fleet with a payload capacity that suits your moving goods.

    Unloading Services

    Team Jakrelo will also transport your goods. We will transport your goods very well and carefully. We understand and have experience in handling the moving process so we understand that each item has a different way and handling from one another.

    Arrangement / Reposition

    Arriving at the destination, we will unload your belongings and place them in their proper place. We will help arrange your furniture so that it is ready to use immediately after the moving process is complete. Inform us in detail about the description of the destination location whether it is a one-story building or a multi-storey building. This is very important for our team to know so that we can maximize Jakrelo's services.

    Flow and Stages of the Moving Process

    What are the flow or stages of moving houses that use moving services? In the following, we will inform you of the easy flow scheme and stages of the process of moving a house, office or apartment.

    1. Contact

    Please contact us via the office phone number or Hotline via Whatsapp according to the location where you live.

    2. Moving Survey

    Before the moving process, the initial stage is a survey. This survey is conducted to look at the geographical conditions of the house, office or apartment in order to consider the level of difficulty of the moving process. For example, moving in a multi-storey building has more difficulty than a one-story house. In addition, a survey was conducted to calculate the cost of moving in accordance with the number of cubication calculations of moving goods.

    3. Submitting a Price Offer

    After listing the items to be moved, our team will calculate the cost budget according to the total cubication of goods. Next, we will inform you of the costs via an offer letter via email or telephone.

    4. Dealing

    After the quote letter is completed, we will immediately send it to you. Furthermore, we are waiting for your confirmation as approval. If you agree to the price quote we provide, it means that the transfer process can be carried out immediately.

    5. Determination of Moving Time

    Next is the stage of determining the time and date of moving. We will carry out the transfer process according to the time mutually agreed upon by you and Jakrelo.

    Jakrelo Office Address The

    Office is currently located at The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower, 12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 INDONESIA, please contact us if you need moving service support. Our team will conduct a cubication survey first before submitting a price quote.
    If there is still unclear information, don't hesitate to contact us via phone number or WhatsApp application. We are ready to serve you wholeheartedly. The following is our address and contact information.
    Ph : +6221 8064 1084
    Fax : +6221 80641001
    Hotline : +62899-8999-234


  • 5 December 2016

    Thank you Mrs. Lidya for trusting us to move your house hold goods from Pejaten area South Jakarta to Kemang Area South Jakarta. Our team did the relocation for around 44 cubic meter within a day.

  • 31 August 2021

    The main task of a house moving service is to transport your belongings from the old house to the new house. The presence of mover services is quite profitable, because it has many benefits.

    So, here are some of the advantages of using a house moving service that you should know:

    1. The Moving Process Is Faster

    What happens if you transport all your own things when you move house? What is certain is that your energy will be terforsir. That is why, you need a house moving cargo service so that the process of moving to a new residence can be faster. In addition, you don't need to bother packing, unloading goods, or looking for the right fleet when using this service.

    2. More Guaranteed Goods Security

    House moving services generally have reliable professionals in their fields, so that the security of your belongings is more guaranteed. In addition, the house moving service also provides guarantees and insurance for every item that is moved. So, if anything happens to your goods during the transfer process, the service party will be fully responsible.

    3. Homework Becomes Easier

    Some house moving services offer the service of removing or arranging items at the destination. If you use a house moving service with this kind of service, of course it will be very profitable. Because you don't need to be tired of rearranging the furniture.

    4. Save Time And Energy

    Compared to moving yourself, using a moving service can save time and effort. An adequate number of crew will make the process of transporting goods faster. You don't even have to step in to pick up your things.

    5. Saving Budget

    Is it true, really, if house moving services can save the budget? In fact, this comes back to each other. Especially related to the number of goods and the distance to the new house. However, for the purpose of moving to between islands, a house moving service is certainly more effective because you can move furniture from the old house to the new house at the same time. In addition, the guarantee of goods safety can minimize the risks that arise during the shipping process.

    How to Choose the Right Moving Service

    The number of house moving services that you can find today does not mean lightening the burden of choosing the right service. So that the process of moving your house can run smoothly, here are some tips for choosing a house moving service that you can follow.

    1. Find out the Price Calculation System

    Each house moving service has a different price calculation system. It is better, before using their services, first ask what kind of calculation system they use. Is based on volume, mileage, and others. By finding out the calculation system used, you can calculate the total cost required.

    2. Check Company Background

    Next, you need to know the background of the company. You can find information through social media or websites. To be more sure, also find out the testimonials from the service's clients. No less important, make sure that you can contact the mover service phone number.

    3. Choose the Right Goods To Be Transported To The Truck

    This is still related to the price of mover services. Because some services set prices based on volume, be smart in choosing the goods to be loaded into the truck so that the costs do not increase.

    4. Packing Goods Far Away It is

    Better to do packing goods in advance. That way, you can sort out which items to take and which ones to leave behind. Besides that, you can make sure all items are packaged properly and neatly if you do it long ago.

    Because there are many things that you have to bring to your new residence, make sure you use the right service, okay? Both in terms of service, reach, to the rate. By choosing the right moving service, the moving process can be guaranteed safe and smooth. In addition, also pay attention to access to the location of your new home. Because some house moving services charge additional fees for difficult access or additional services.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated : The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 5 December 2016

    We were proudly executing an office relocation from Center of Jakarta (Jl. MH. Thamrin) to our warehouse at BSD Serpong Tangerang last Saturday Dec 3rd, 2016. Thank you for trusting us to be the pointed agent to provide office relocation which include packing and storage service.

  • 10 August 2021

    Fastest Overseas Moving Goods Delivery Service

    For those of you who are looking for information about Moving Services from Indonesia to Overseas, we will share information that Jakrelo also provides moving services from Indonesia to abroad. As a leading Overseas Expeditionary in terms of innovation and service, we continuously improve our service level, not only in shipping goods and documents overseas but also extending to other services that other expeditions cannot. We do this to strengthen our positioning, namely the solution for your overseas needs.

    Overseas Transfer Services (Personal Effects)

    Delivery of goods moved from one country to another is also known as the Personal Effect. The move can be temporary or permanent. What kind of transfer can be categorized as a personal effects service, please see below:

    1. Expatriates (foreigners) whose work contracts have expired in Indonesia and are returning to their country.
    2. Indonesian citizens who study abroad
    3. Indonesian citizens who work abroad
    4. Indonesian citizens whose husbands (foreigners) move and live abroad

    Moving Goods Delivery Service From Indonesia To Abroad

    To delivery of goods moved from Indonesia or time to delivery of goods moved from Indonesia Overseas a little longer than the delivery of goods in general. This is because the many kinds of goods that are usually transported abroad usually require a longer time during an inspection at Customs in Indonesia. If dangerous or prohibited items are found in the moving package, they will add more time for inspection by Customs and the Ground Handling Team at the Airport. Usually, before packing, officers from Jakrelo always remind customers repeatedly to avoid some commodity goods so that the customs clearance process can run quickly both in Indonesia and in the Destination Country and suggest bringing it in Hand Carry (brought it yourself when leaving for Overseas).

    Advantages Of Using Jakrelo Overseas Moving Services

    There are several domestic intercity transfer services in Indonesia that also state that they can also serve interstate transfer services from Indonesia to the Overseas. Maybe they can also send transfer packages abroad, but at exorbitant prices, of course. Because they don't have a basis for shipping and will usually be sent back to another expedition that can send moving packages abroad without you knowing their reputation and most importantly the different regulations between the domestic and international transfer processes. In Jakrelo, our positioning, reputation, and experience in serving special moving services abroad are clear. The following are some of the advantages of sending moving packages abroad:

    1. Cheap Shipping Costs
    2. Lots of experience and trusted by many Indonesian citizens and expatriates (foreigners)
    3. Safe and Reliable
    4. Custom Clearance Support Team who continues to coordinate with the Airport Ground Handling and Customs Team both in Indonesia and Destination Country (MOST IMPORTANT)
    5. Support from the Operational Team who helps prepare any documents needed to move abroad

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated: The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower, 12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 3 August 2021


    Fast And Professional Moving Service

    Moving Services for Homes, Offices, Apartments, Warehouses, Factories so this must be done with professional staff with services from packing goods, raising goods to the fleet and unloading goods from the Fleet as well as rearranging goods at the destination to maintain the security of customer goods, speed of work so that customers can rely on them.

    Jakrelo provides solutions to the common concerns experienced by those who plan to move from their old location to a new location, such as worrying about the hassle of moving to worry about damage or loss of items to be moved.

    That is why Jakrelo comes to providing relocation services professionals that will provide comfort and tranquility for those who plan to move to a new place.

    Survey Process Before Moving By Jakrelo

    After you contact us and Scheduling Location Survey Origin Moving Here are the things we will do

    • Determine how many fleets are used to make the move
    • Determine how much Man Power to move
    • Determine how long it takes to move
    • Determine the amount of packing material
    • Determine the tools in making the move
    • Determine the budget for how much the moving fee will be

    After the Location Survey Process Next Moving Process

    • Preparing Packing Materials
    • Packing
    • Giving numbers and labeling names and divisions on goods
    • Moving in a foam list of goods
    • Loading
    • Shipping
    • Unloading
    • Unpacking
    • The process of moving goods is complete

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated: The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower, 12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 18 June 2017

    International Moving Company in Indonesia, handle personal effects and household goods in and out of Indonesia and Around the World

    Jakrelo is International Moving companies in Indonesia that handle personal effects and household goods effects in and out of Indonesia. Jakrelo has been providing this directory service to all customers, corporate decision makers on employee movements and moving companies around the world who are not able to find a reliable moving company in some corner of the world. Whether you are looking for a Moving company in an African or European country or Asia’s countries like India, China, Indonesia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia etc, which are the most demanding because of the number of expatriates pouring in from USA, UK, Germany, France and Netherlands as corporates keep transferring their employees. Whether you are moving in to Indonesia or moving from Indonesia to another country Jakrelo is your right partner. provide a detailed information that comes in handy for International Moving like Customs regulation in various countries, which very often is a myth to Moving customers and Movers for certain countries; Why and how about Moving Insurance and much more. Services :

    · Origin and destination packing and unpacking service

    · International door to door relocation

    · Domestic Door to door relocation

    · Door to port relocation

    · Custom Clearance

    · Storage

    · Office relocation

    · Car/Automotive relocation

    · Other Services

    For Further information Call Now : Jakrelo Integrated : The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:


  • 5 June 2017

    Today we are executing packing process for mrs. Arthie, for her HHG relocation from BSD, Indonesia to bangalore, India. The loading schedule will be a week after, for 20ft container. 


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