• 23 November 2021

    The demand of the people of the capital for Jakarta office relocation services is very high lately. This is the background for business people to open a house, office, or apartment moving service business. Mobility and population growth as well as an increasingly higher economy have resulted in a very significant need for relocation services.

    The prices of house moving services in Jakarta vary greatly with various advantages. As a company engaged in the service of moving offices in Jakarta. We Jakrelo provide moving services in various sectors. So not only focusing on moving offices but also moving houses, boarding houses, apartments, and others.

    Well, for those of you who are planning to move your office or house? There are several tips that can be prepared before moving. Let's see what the tips are.

    Tips for Moving The Most Efficient and Effective

    1. Office Careful Planning

    Why do we have to move our office? Is it because the factor does have good development so that it requires a lot of human resources that cannot be accommodated in the old office. Or precisely because they want to be more efficient in terms of payment for building contracts. From here the next steps will be more targeted. The expenses will also not be more than expected.

    2. Prepare a New Office Plan

    Why do we need to prepare a floor plan for a new office? The new office plan will be very useful to provide information to all employees and staff about where they will get the room. And how to interact with employees from other divisions. Because of course between one division to another division needs a communication. This floor plan mapping can be carried out simultaneously with the General Manager, Human Resource, Designer, and PIC (Person in Charge) from each division.

    3. Make Sure the Office is Ready to Use

    It is possible that one of the office facilities cannot function properly, even if it does not have these facilities. Anything? Such as water facilities, toilets, electricity, screens, projectors, air conditioning, telephone cables, Internet and other facilities. If the owner of the new office rental does not provide it, we should provide it ourselves. Because all these facilities are for the good of all employees and staff and for the benefit of the company's development.

    4. Use the Best Moving Expedition Service

    Jakrelo is a moving service company to makes it easier for everyone and companies to move to a new location that is easy, safe, and cheap. Delivery of goods through Jakrelo will be guaranteed safety because Jakrelo has very professional experts in their fields who ensure your goods arrive at their destination in good condition.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated: The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:


  • 18 June 2017

    Moving to Indonesia with The Best Relocation Service Company in Jakarta Indonesia, The Best of International Moving Company in Jakarta Indonesia

    We provide international moving services to both corporate and private customers with door-to-door basis throughout Indonesia and around the world. We also provide many other specialized transportation, logistics and warehousing in order to expand our international business.

    We specialize in the art of moving. Our focus is on the customers’ wants and needs and we are prepared to go greater to ensure that the highest quality services are provided at all times.

    Every relocation and moving process will be treated as a unique operation.

    We offer our customers the best in:

    · Pre-moving survey and consultation

    · Moving planning and scheduling

    · Professional packing at your residence and office

    · Special handling of pianos, motorcycles, cars, safes, etc.

    · Customized crafting of fragile items and antiques

    · Conventional and climate-controlled storage (with 24-hour security)

    · Professional fumigation (certified)

    · Special moisture control systems to minimize the risk of mold and mildew

    · Full replacement value insurance

    · Handyman services

    · Customs documentation

    · Storage at origin or at destination

    We offer international moving service to Indonesia at reasonable cost and we also provide relocation services to companies, organizations, families and individuals who are moving to Indonesia. Our professional moving staffs are the most experienced in the business and will assist with every aspect of your moving to Indonesia.

    Jakarta Relocation (Jakrelo) provides the most reliable and the reasonable international moving service to Indonesia with complete door-to-door moving service for moving all your household items to Indonesia.

    Global Mobility, Corporate Services & Intercultural Training
    We understand that corporate clients are continually enhancing their relocation policies, which means they need to stay informed about industry trends and need instant access to information. Jakrelo team can help. Being experts in global mobility, serving large and small clients, we understand all of these challenges and can share our expertise.

    International & Office & Industrial Moving, Storage & Relocation Services
    Jakrelo is proud to be a qualified professional moving company with a staff of expert packers and movers trained by experienced professionals. We storage facilities, provide competitive pricing with no hidden costs, and offer a wide range of transit protection options.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated : The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 16 November 2021

    The need for Apartment Moving Services is currently increasing. Most people don't want to be bothered when moving apartments, from the packing process, truck rentals, loading and unloading goods or rearranging goods to the new apartment destination.

    Because of this, there is an increase in demand for service providers for moving apartments, houses, offices, factories, warehouses and boarding houses.

    Jakrelo as company Apartment Moving Services also homes, offices, factories, warehouses, and boarding always participated in facilitating our customers, whether individuals, companies and government agencies that require services professional moving.

    Why should Jakrelo?

    1. Professional in moving services.
    2. International standard material quality.
    3. Friendly price offer.
    4. Own fleet and use of safe work equipment
    5. The systematic, smooth, and safe moving process
    6. Jakrelo Apartment Moving Services

    Jakrelo is moving your here as a solution for apartment, office, apartment, factory, warehouse, or boarding house at friendly prices and with professional workers who have experience in the field of Moving Services.

    Jakrelo always tries to improve the quality of its performance in order to continue to provide the best service to customers because we serve with heart.

    Moving Services Door To Door

    We can pick up the goods to be sent in the minimum amount of weight that we set. To use this service, please contact our admin listed below.

    Cheap moving services from Jakrelo are one of the reliable services to be able to send moving items safely and on time. Our services provide transportation lanes both land, sea and air to various regions in Indonesia. One of our services is the mover service for moving apartment moving goods.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated: The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:


  • 5 December 2016

    Thank you Mrs. Lidya for trusting us to move your house hold goods from Pejaten area South Jakarta to Kemang Area South Jakarta. Our team did the relocation for around 44 cubic meter within a day.

  • 9 November 2021

    Cargo services are getting more and more shipping interest or can be said to get more shipping requests every day compared to sea or air shipping via ships or cargo planes. Every shipping service always faces conditions like this every day where the demand for land delivery is higher in intensity than the delivery of other modes of transportation, including the best Jakrelo cargo delivery service.

    Therefore, Jakrelo can be said to be more focused on serving the needs of customers in the delivery of land cargo because it has a very supportive fleet for land shipments. The advantages that Jakrelo has compared to similar land cargo are about the fleet and a larger area coverage as well as the relatively faster-estimated delivery time. Supported by professional people without being assisted by other parties, we are ready to help each of your land cargo shipments.

    The modes of transportation that we usually use in land cargo delivery are granmax box cars, CDD and CDE fleets, and granmax blindvans. we are ready to deliver parcels of land shipments to each of our customers quickly and safely.

    Cargo Service LTL (Less Truck Load)

    The first land delivery service owned by Jakrelo as the best land cargo delivery service in Indonesia is the delivery of retail goods or delivery by land transportation mode by calculating the weight of kilograms of cargo or shipments. Supported by Jakrelo's own well-maintained vehicle consisting of CDE, CDD, FUSO units. Jakrelo serves the delivery of goods from all over Indonesia via land delivery with an area coverage of all islands in Indonesia. The best land transportation services are handled by a professional team without the help of a third party. Estimated delivery of land cargo goods with a relatively faster time.

    Cargo Service FTL (Full Truck Load)

    Cargo inland transportation modes full load system in the car transporting goods. We serve land shipments via full trucks with fleets such as the delivery of goods by granmax blind van, CDD (Colt Diesel Double), CDE (Colt Diesel Engkel), or boxcars. This service is suitable for company logistics delivery and heavy equipment spare part delivery. Having the advantage of full authority over the cargo car provided makes any goods to be carried by the sender able to fit in a full car without being combined with other goods. Jakrelo offers a full truck system land cargo service to companies that need to load goods with one full car for their company logistics. The advantages are a professional team in handling, a well-maintained fleet, a neat loading process, and dedicated customer services to make your land delivery experience more comfortable and monitored.

    Cargo Service for Moving Goods

    Transportation and delivery of goods with land fleets for your moving goods solution. Serving the delivery of moving goods from all island regions in Indonesia in accordance with the request for delivery of goods. This service is suitable for customers with family transfers, boarding houses, and office relocations.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated: The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 5 December 2016

    We were proudly executing an office relocation from Center of Jakarta (Jl. MH. Thamrin) to our warehouse at BSD Serpong Tangerang last Saturday Dec 3rd, 2016. Thank you for trusting us to be the pointed agent to provide office relocation which include packing and storage service.

  • 2 November 2021

    Jakrelo is a service company that serves your moving needs whenever and wherever your location is, big or small jobs. We look forward to assisting your move, making your moving process quicker and easier.

    Jakrelo's services are as follows:

    • House Moving Services, Apartment Moving Services, Office Moving Services, Warehouse Moving Services, Factory Moving Services, Shophouse and Office Moving Services, School Moving Services, Campus Moving Services, Cafe and Restaurant Moving Services and Moving Services Laboratory and other commercial moving
    • services Packing Services Full Wooden Box, Pallet, Lift Van, Crate, Vacuum, Aluminum Foil
    • Trucking Services
    • Shipping ServicesAir and Sea Freight Forwarding Services (door to door and port to port)
    • Storage services (Storage) Important Documents and Goods
    • Moving Services for Safes, Servers, Generators, Pianos, Billiard Tables, and Other Heavy Equipment
    • Moving and Installing Mobile Files
    • Services Exhibition Relocation Services, Workshop Relocation Services, Machinery, and Equipment Relocation Services The factory

    Services that we provide include:

    • Free survey for the Jakarta area
    • Data collection of items to be moved
    • Packing of items to be packed and moved, d carried out by experts and professionals
    • Transportation and loading and unloading personnel
    • Transfer from the location of origin of goods to the location of destination using adequate transportation modes
    • Rearrangement of equipment and supplies at the destination location

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated: The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 26 October 2021

    Moving house can be an exciting event in life. Because it could also be that your new home is the one you've been dreaming of for a long time, and your new home environment is something you've been waiting for all this time.

    It's not impossible, the process of moving house can make you stressed because you have to prepare things, pack up to move to a new house. To ease your burden when moving house, it never hurts to hire a moving house service so that the process of moving house can be more effective and not stress us out.

    In big cities today there are already a lot of house moving services. This house moving service can help you in the moving process, from packing to packing goods.

    However, there are several factors that must be considered before using a house moving service. And here are the tips:

    • Contacting House Moving Services

    Currently, there are several companies that provide house moving services. One of them is a house moving service from Jakrelo. You can match your needs starting from the distance traveled to the cost. Make sure you choose the right moving house service, even better if the service provider is experienced in moving matters.

    • Make a Price Offer and Cost Estimate

    Before you decide to rent it, it's a good idea to make a price quote or estimate the costs that must be incurred first. Please note, companies that provide good moving services will usually immediately respond to your questions well as well.

    • Show All Items to be Moved during a Survey The

    Best house moving services will always conduct a survey first before bringing all your belongings. A survey is conducted to find out all types of goods or the condition of the goods to be moved.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated : The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 19 October 2021

    Services for moving goods from abroad to Indonesia for moving houses, offices, apartments at the lowest rates. In addition, we also accept delivery of sample packages, crafts, spare parts, overseas moving services, etc. We provide parcel and cargo courier services to foreign countries.

    International Shipping Destination Countries

    For destination countries, we serve international shipping to almost all countries in the world. We also serve the delivery of goods to countries in Asia, Europe, and America.

    Overseas Shipping Service

    Regarding service, we provide a choice of overseas shipping services for customers. So, you can choose a service that suits your needs both for your time and budget. For more details, please check below:

    • Moving to your door or door to door
    • Moving to the address in the destination country or door to door
    • Cargo International (delivery only to airports in the country of destination or port to port)

    Old Time Delivery Into Overseas

    Regarding the delivery time abroad, the estimated time depends on the service you choose. As an illustration, the delivery time of the express service is faster than the service economy. As for International Cargo, the delivery time is based on the aircraft schedule and the airport of the destination country.

    Cost of Shipping Goods Overseas

    Many people think that sending packages abroad must be expensive. This may or may not be true, because the shipping costs offered by each expedition vary from one to another.

    We provide special prices for you. We make sure the price we provide is the best price according to your needs and there are no other costs that appear behind. The entire price of our moving services is stated in the Work Order that has been agreed with you.

    What do you get from our cheap house moving services?

    You will get the following services:

    • Free survey fees (for Jakarta and surrounding areas)
    • Goods packing materials
    • Trained and experienced workers
    • All moving goods are neatly packaged using good materials
    • Road-worthy transportation / delivery fleet
    • All moving goods are neatly loaded and unloaded and be careful
    • Moving goods are neatly and cleanly arranged in a new place (according to the agreement)
    • All packing materials are cleaned
    • Guaranteed for damage and loss of goods

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated : The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email:

  • 12 October 2021

    For those of you who are looking for house, office, or apartment moving services, please contact Jakrelo. Jakrelo is a professional mover service company in Indonesia that serves a variety of moving service activities. In addition to serving house moving services, Jakrelo also serves various relocation services such as office moving services, apartment moving services, self-service moving services, restaurant moving services, rented moving services, etc.

    Jakrelo Services and Facilities Jakrelo's

    Using services is the right choice for those of you who are moving or relocating. No need to bother anymore to pack, transport, and organize your goods and furniture because our team will do it for you. What are Jakrelo's services and facilities? Here are the details.

    • Packing

    Materials We will provide packing materials to pack your goods. We will adjust the type of material used according to your needs and types of goods. The selection of the right packing material is very important to avoid the risk of damage to the goods during the moving process. Some examples of packing materials used are paperboard, plastic wrapping, and also bubble packs.

    • Packing Services

    We will package your goods properly and correctly to ensure your goods are safe until they arrive at their destination. The Jakrelo team is experienced in this matter so that your goods are ensured to be handled properly by experts.

    • Transportation

    No need to think about the freight transportation fleet, we will also provide it for you. We choose the type of transportation fleet that will be used according to the cubication of your moving goods. One of the functions of a moving survey is to determine the right type of truck fleet with a payload capacity that suits your moving goods.

    • Unloading Services

    Team Jakrelo will also transport your goods. We will transport your goods very well and carefully. We understand and have experience in handling the moving process so we understand that each item has a different way and handling from one another.

    • Arrangement / Reposition

    Arriving at the destination, we will unload your belongings and place them in their proper place. We will help arrange your furniture so that it is ready to use immediately after the moving process is complete. Inform us in detail about the description of the destination location whether it is a one-store building or a multi-store building. This is very important for our team to know so that we can maximize Jakrelo's services.

    Flow and Stages of the Moving Process

    What are the flow or stages of moving houses that use moving services? In the following, we will inform you of the easy flow scheme and stages of the process of moving a house, office, or apartment.

    1. Contact Jakrelo

    Please contact us via the office phone number or Hotline via Whatsapp according to the location where you live.

    2. Moving Survey

    Before the moving process, the initial stage is a survey. This survey is conducted to look at the geographical conditions of the house, office or apartment in order to consider the level of difficulty of the moving process. For example, moving in a multi-store building has more difficulty than a one-story house. In addition, a survey was conducted to calculate the cost of moving in accordance with the number of cubication calculations of moving goods.

    3. Submitting a Price Offer

    After listing the items to be moved, our team will calculate the cost budget according to the total cubication of goods. Next, we will inform you of the costs via an offer letter via email or telephone.

    4. Dealing

    After the quote letter is completed, we will immediately send it to you. Furthermore, we are waiting for your confirmation as approval. If you agree to the price quote we provide, it means that the transfer process can be carried out immediately.

    5. Determination of Moving Time

    Next is the stage of determining the time and date of moving. We will carry out the transfer process according to the time mutually agreed upon by you and Jakrelo.

    For further information about moving to Indonesia please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Jakrelo Integrated : The Manhattan Square Building Mid Tower,12th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1 – S Jakarta 12560 – INDONESIA Ph : +62 21 8064 1084 Fx : +62 21 8064 1001 Hotline : 0899-8999-234 Email: