About Us

Jakrelo is established by some professional individuals who are very concerned about meeting the clients’ satisfaction. We used to work individually until we met each other and realized that we are supposed to make something bigger and more sophisticated than we used to do before. In other words, Jakrelo is the combination of the clients-oriented and experienced professionals who really know how to work professionally in living in the fast-paced world in order to meet the dateline and also the clients’ requirements. Moreover, our competitive price has also become one of the reasons why the clients have chosen us to be their partner.



Offer the highest level of commitment to employee, customers, suppliers and business partners. Ensuring that we grow in order tobecome profitable and build on our business into the future To Sustain Level for the clients that not only meets, but also surpasses their expectation.


Client expectations toward to use Jakrelo :

Competitive Price
Substantial and completeness of facilities
Quality of Service
High Level Quality Services
Quality of man Power


Who needs moving and logistic services

Telecommunication company
Oil Services company
Company in the production sector (Machinery operating companies)
All Jakrelo’s clients requiring such services


Who Need Us?

You and your family
You, your company and your employee
You and your colleague
You and all your valuable surrounding....